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The End
Widowmaker is sitting in an aircraft.
She is looking at a photo that she is holding.
A photo of her next target.
She had feared that this day would come.
The person in the picture, was a blond woman.
Known as Dr Angela Ziegler.
A woman from her past.
And also someone she has been with in secret between missions.
But now Talon have decided to eliminate her.
She wants to save her.
But she can’t
Talon will get to her one way or another.
So if she has to die.
Then she can not let some random cold Talon agent do it.
It has to be her.
She steps of the aircraft onto a roof top.
She is overlooking a makeshift hospital which Overwatch had set up in an old hotel.
She activates her visor and lifts her rifle.
It does not take her long to find her.
She is sitting by a desk.
Drinking what looks like coffee.
Amélie puts her finger on the trigger, ready to fire.
But she hesitates.
Thru the scope she sees the only person in the world, that make her still human.
What would she be without
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Memories. Chapter 13: Memory Lane
Amélie woke up in a flash.
She could feel her heart beating faster in her chest.
She sat up and looked next to her, where Angela was still sleeping soundly.
These nightmares.
Will they ever stop?
She thought to herself as she steps out of the bed, and go into the livingroom.
The dreams is either things from her past, or from the fear of what could happen to Angela.
She thought to herself looking out at the moon.
“Problem sleeping?” Said a voice coming from behind her.
She turned around in an instance, but quickly relaxed when she saw Ana sitting in a chair on the other side of the room.
“You really seem to care about the cold don’t you.” Ana said looking up from the book she had in her hand.
Amélie had not put anything on her when she left the bed.
She had not really thought on it.
The nightmare was still on her mind.
“I do not really feel the cold anymore.” Amélie finally replied.
“Hmm. Well atleast wrap this around you, b
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Memories. Chapter 12: The Covert Sniper
Her cold and blue skin is beautiful. Angela thought to herself as she gently stroked Amélie on her back.
They had not moved from the sofa.
They were just laying there embracing each other.
But for how long can they keep running like this? Angela thought.
Talon would probably not stop hunting for them.
They can not run forever.
But where to go?
Would Amélie agree to that?
She had said no before.
But she probably also know that they can not keep up this running.
Her thoughts were soon interrupted by Ana knocking on the door frame.
“Get dressed you two it is time to eat” She said.
Angela’s face turned red, she had not noticed that Ana was back.
But Amélie just gave of a groan and clinged harder to Angela refusing to go up.
She obviously did not care that Ana had noticed them.
“Don’t make me come in there and drag you into the kitchen.” Ana actually said with a little smile.
It reminded her that it could be a pain to get Am
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Mature content
Memories. Chapter 11: Right Or Wrong :iconzeros-pain:Zeros-pain 2 0
Memories. Chapter 10: Who Is She?
“So what do you think?” Angela said with anticipation when Ana came back into the room.
But Ana did not reply at first. She just went and put on some tea water before answering.
“I will agree that she is different.”
But just as Angela’s eyes shined up with hope Ana said.
“However I can not trust her.”
“Why not?” Angela asked a little disappointed.
“I just can not see who or what she has become. On one hand, she is the cold assassin that betrayed us all. But on the other hand, something is off about her. I can not really say what it is, or if she is just trying to confuse me.” Ana replied.
“First of all. She is still human. Of that I am sure.” Angela said.
“But who is she? If she is not Widowmaker nor Amélie anymore. Then who is she now?” Ana said with a serious tone.
“Well she is Amélie, just not the one she was before.” Angela replied.
“And who is this Amélie then
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Memories. Chapter 9: The Ghost From The Past
When Angela woke up, she was laying in a bed in what seemed a small abandoned house.
“Ao. What happened?” She said as she slowly sat up.
“So I see that you are awake Angela.” Said an old yet familiar voice from the other side of the room.
When Angela turned and looked her eyes widened.
“You? You are alive Ana?”
There by a small coffee table on the other side of the room sat Ana Amari.
“It’s been some time has it not Doctor.” Ana replied with a smile.
“Yes it has. but how? I thought..” Angela started but Ana interrupted her.
“You thought that Amélie had killed me.” Ana said and now with a serious look on her face.
Angela remained quiet for a while until she said in low voice.
“That was not the Amélie you knew that did that.”
“Then who was it?” Ana asked.
And now Angela noticed the eye patch over Ana’s right eye.
She took a short pause again before answering.
“I do
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Mature content
Just You And Me (Pharah X Reader Lemon) :iconfurrygirlsylvy45:FurryGirlSylvy45 6 0
Mature content
saved | tracer x reader :iconsammitrancy:SammiTrancy 11 2
Mature content
Sombra's sorrow :iconwhitetiger-1:whitetiger-1 1 0
Popsicle ( Sombra x Reader )
Watch Me Gallery
All Overwatch Fanfictions are set in the same universe, unless otherwise stated. Multiple stories with the same character (i.e., Tracer) will all be connected. The Reader is the same one from story to story (With the one specific character), so it will develop a story while still being just a collection of one-shots. 
Information on the Reader Used in the story: Here!
Warning(s): None.
Title: Popsicle 
Pairing: Sombra x Reader
Fandom: Overwatch
Word Count: 1,025
   It was Winter, but you didn't care about the weather outside. You were craving a Popsicle and d
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Nia traviesa - (Sombra x D.Va)
A/N: well shit guys. Here's more smut XD. This wasn't supposed to end up like this but oh well. Still working on Reaper76 smut and cancelled GenjiReaper cuz well I see Reaper as Genji's kinda father figure (plz don't hate on me) but who knows, maybe I'll write about it in the future :3.
"Hey Loves! Me and Lució have an idea!" Lena called. I looked up from the extreme game of chess, Reinhardt being my opponent. It was so boring, and whatever Lena's idea was had to be better than this. I sprang up from the chair and walked toward Lena and Lució. They were holding an empty bottle. "Okay all the younger agents get in a circle!!" Lució yelled. "Are we playin' duck duck goose?" Jamison asked, sitting down. "No. We're playing good ol' Spin The Bottle!" Lena confirmed. Oh no. Everyone sat down, some nervous and some bored out of their minds. "Okay... who wants to go first?"
After a couple of rounds, everyone became extremely bored. "This is gettin' boring.." I sighe
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Widowmaker x M!Reader x Sombra || Competition P. 1
Widowmaker x Male!Reader x Sombra
Requested by: :iconcrazyman54:
It’d always been a long time battle between the two ever since (y/n) came along for his affections and surprisingly…he’d yet to realize it. At least…if he did, he acted oblivious. Sombra sighed as she watched the man go by, a slight smile on her face. Today has to be the day! I need to win him over already I can’t let the spider catch him in her web, she thought as she felt a determination rise in her. She quickly went after him, calling for him, “Oi, (y/n)! Chico, I need to talk to you!” “What is it now, Sombra?” he sighed as he’d grown tired of her constant pestering the last few weeks. “Aye, no need to be so cold, you’re gonna become Gabe if you keep that up!” she said with a smirk. “I just wanted to know if you’d care to have lunch together.”
“I don’t think that’d be an issue,” he said.
:iconkaminari-no-kokoro:Kaminari-no-Kokoro 44 14
Mature content
D.Feated :icondamselbinder:Damselbinder 126 19
Mercy (NSFW ver) by veralde
Mature content
Mercy (NSFW ver) :iconveralde:veralde 1,090 11
Tracer by Brianna3698 Tracer :iconbrianna3698:Brianna3698 10 0 heroes never die by laveniis heroes never die :iconlaveniis:laveniis 30 0


Dva X Reader

Mobile Exo-force of the Korean Army
Area of Operation

You met her during the Omnic Crisis, you were assigned to keep her mechs at peak performance. Basically you were the MEKA mechanic. It was your first day, you arrived early, hating to be the last one to show up, well, anywhere. So you start towards bay B1 and you see Dva piloting one of her many mechs into the bay. Yes! I'm gonna be able to meet her! You think. You soon arrive at bay B1 and see her climbing out of her MEKA.
"H-hi Dva." You say trying to keep your calm in front of the famous gamer. She sighs,
"Go ahead, say it." She tells you.
"I can't believe I'm meeting the real Dva!" You obey her saying what you didn't want to say to her, you know pretty much everyone she meets always expresses their excitement in their words like you are now.
"Well you'll get used to it, you'll be working for me for a long time." She says to you. Inwardly you say Yes!!!
"Okay, is anything damage, or off on any of the MEKA's in here?" You ask, looking around the big bay, or now that you look around, it's more like a hangar.
"Ya, the leftmost thruster on my main MEKA is damaged, the Fusion Cannon on the one to your right, it's the right cannon. I think that is it." She says looking at her other MEKA's. "Oh, and this one here," she points at an orange one, "has a cracked windshield, and after you finish that, I would like your help loading these into the dropship." She finishes. The mechanics were trained to fly a dropship with multiple MEKAs aboard so if something went wrong in the operation and a MEKA was considered unusable they could drop one from above to they pilot on the ground. All within seconds.
You inspect all three damaged MEKAs.
"It all should be done within three quarters of an hour." You inform her.
"Did you graduate at the top of your class?" She questions you.
"Yes, I did, what makes you ask?"
"That would take my last mechanic around an hour and a half to complete."she answers you.
"Well lucky you, you got me." You say. She smiles.
"As long as it works." She walks towards an undamaged MEKA and starts maneuvering it onto the dropship, as you get to work.
Later, when you finished on the three damaged MEKAs, and loaded them onto the dropship, you had just finished your brake and your wristband vibrated, saying you need to report to the dropship immediately. You rush to bay B1 and board the dropship. Dva is their and she starts the debrief.
"You will be heading to North Alaska and investigating a series of hostile Omnic sightings." You head over to Dva and ask.
"Did you find anything else wrong with the MEKAs? I checked before my break but I want to be sure." You say.
"No, you did great! Everything is fine on the MEKAs." She says putting the clip into her gun and examining it.
You run to the cockpit, put the headset on and power up the ship.
*SHWING* you drop Dva into a clearing near the defense point. You fly up out of the weapons range of the enemys, and circle the AO.
"MEKA offline, need MEKA two." She says into her wristband.
"Confirmed, dropping MEKA two." You reply. The hatch starts opening then, *CLANG*. The hatch stops.
"Dva, can you hold off? I need to find out what happened, the MEKA isn't dropping."
"Copy, I'm fine for now, just hurry." She cuts communications. You set the dropship on auto-pilot, and head to the hatch to see what's wrong. The MEKA is partly out of the cargo hatch, you see the hatch is jammed by a rogue piece of what looks to be aluminum or some sort of metal.
You start towards the hatch feeling the rush of the outside air through your clothes and hair.
"Okay..." you mutter to yourself thinking of how to get the metal out from inside the open/close hydraulic mechanism. You walk over to the edge of the hatch and reach out towards the metal and push it. The hatch shudders open suddenly which knocks you off balance. It happens in slow motion it seems, you look down falling ever so slowly. It seems death is teasing you, soon you clear the hatch all together. And keep falling, as you begin to accept what is happening. You see another MEKA is falling, two must've fallen out. So you lean your body towards it and eventually reach it. You open the hatch, climb in and say.
"Dva, MEKA coming down, I unnamed the hatch, but fell out of the dropship-"
"What!?!? How are you talking to me? Where are you? Try to land in water if you ca-" You cut in.
"Another MEKA fell out so I'm in that one, but yours will be there soon."
"Thank god." She says, voice heavy with relief.
"Keep in mind this is your last MEKA." You remind her.
"Got it!" She replies.
*BOOM* the MEKA slams into the ground and stuns you.
"Where are you?" You ask.
"Let me come to you." She says. Suddenly you notice a radar in the top left corner of the screen. A giant green blip is getting closer with each sweep of the line, it's behind you and almost on top of you. The MEKA responds to your pull of the handles with surprising accuracy as you whirl around to find the source of the radar blip. It's Dva, relief fills you as she lands in front of you.
"You ok?" She questions you, walking around your MEKA, searching for damage.
"Other than almost dying, yeah, totally fine." You jokingly say. She chuckles.
"Ok, we're in possible enemy territory with no backup... What can go wrong?" She says. You both laugh.
"Ok." You start, getting serious. "How was your last MEKA destroyed?" She responds with,
"A group Omnics, they destroyed it, but ran afterwords, but I managed to take some down with me!"
"Where did you see them?" You ask.
"North East of here, but they retreated West."
"10-4 lets go." You say as you both start heading North West.

End of Chapter One...
Mercy X Reader

You two had met when you first joined overwatch, being more of a frontline fighter, you knew nothing of first aid. Basic overwatch training includes basic first aid, so being the top doctor naturally she was the one to teach you. And your relationship blossomed from there. Now you two were on the frontlines, fighting, with who else than talon, for a critical stronghold in Eichenwald. You, Mercy, Reinhardt, Pharah, tracer and, Dva.
"Pharah, give us covering fire!" You screaming your comm above the hail of bullets.
"10-4" she replies. You hear the all to familiar sound of her jumppack as she springs up into the air. She starts firing down onto the enemies, all the while you jump up and start running farther up towards cover. Suddenly Widowmaker's shot rings out and you see Pharah start plummeting towards earth, her left thruster hit. Just then Mercy flies up and grabs her as they slowly start descending. You look below them and see Dva projecting her Defense Matrix upwards towards them to provide cover, while Reinhardt has his shield up defending Dva. That kind of teamwork only comes with years spent with each other. You think to yourself, I hope I'll be like that in the future. You all start to regroup behind Reinhardt's shield. Then you all start the push behind his shield, then you hear something behind you. Reaper... and he's practically on top of you. You know what he's about to do, you jump in front of Angela.
"Die! Die! Die!"
That was the last thing you heard...

"Heroes Never Die!" You suddenly are bathed in yellow light. You look towards Reaper lunge and punch him. His mask cracks and he dissipates into black smoke and reanimates next to Widow. The talon soldiers, Reaper and Widow start to retreat as everyone advances towards them, well except you and Angela. She hugs you.
"You saved me." She says.
"How could I let you die? What kind of boyfriend/girlfriend would I be if I let you die? Plus I knew you could resurrect us." You reply.
"Oh, so you just saved me because you know I would save you?" She asks playfully her face softening.
"More or less" you reply just as playfully. Then her face and tone go serious and she says,
"Still, I've known you for 3 months and you save me just like that..."
"No, you saved me, I did what had to be done for the mission, what if you did not have enough charge to rez me as well?"
"I would rez you first!" She says.
"Well I don't blame you, I would rez me first to." You playfully tell her. She laughs her in signature Swedish accent you absolutely love. She kisses you.
"ja låt oss lämna kärlek" she says, and starts walking with you holding hands. You still not really have learned Swedish ask,
"What does that mean?"
"It means 'yes lets go love'"
"Oh, try to stick to English now okay?" You plead.
"No promises" she replies.
That night heading to base on the Dropship, you and Angela start setting up for bed in the bunk room you share with her. She notices you look uncomfortable and stiff.
"Looks like you need some physical therapy" she says. She walks to you, lays on your bed and pulls you onto her.
"What are you doing?" You ask as she gets comfortable.
"Physical therapy, I make the patient as physically comfortable as possible" she answers.
"As long as I'm near you I'm always comfortable" you tell her.
"Awww, feel better Älskling?" She asks. You've gotten used to some of her words because she says them so often Älskling means sweetheart.
"Yes, but can we stay here for a while?" You ask.
"Of course Älskling, but be warned," She whispers in your ear "next time it may be a little more... physical." She says. And after a long days work you both pass out in each other's arms...
Widow X reader

Before you read keep in mind this is my first ever fanfic so please tell me how I can improve.

French words to English

Garçon insensé/foolish boy

You look down upon the city, you had just found the deal of a lifetime. You had just recently moved into a house you had bought. It was on a hill in the middle of the city. There is construction going on turning the roof into a patio. You climbed up there one night and gazed upon the whole town. Now you are self renovating it as a perch to gaze at the glory of the city. You stare for a while. Feeling the wind through your hair, and hearing the hover cars zoom by. You hear a small noise behind you and think nothing of it. Then you feel something cold touch your back.
"Gel" someone, obviously female, whispers into your ear. They grab your arm and spin you around, and you see her. Her golden eyes, the purple skin, her skin tight latex suit, the Widowmaker notorious assassin, she works for the criminal organization Talon. You've seen stories on the news, and have read about her online.
"Move" she says slightly louder than a whisper, but sternly.
"Okay" you mostly mutter to yourself, and start to move backwards back inside of the house. She stops pushing just as you enter the house.
"Why are you here?" You ask, you haven't taken your eyes off her the entire time.
"Why would I give information like that to you?" She responds in her crisp French accent.
"Because if you were going to kill me you would've done it already" you answer.
"Smart boy" she says, "your house is the perfect perch for me to engage the VIP, I come here anytime there is a target in this city" she says. "The old owner never knew because the roof was not a patio." She adds.
"Well come here anytime!" You say with more excitement then you meant. She seems to pick up on what your feeling.
"Garçon insensé, you feel love towards me? Do I not hold a gun to your chest? You are either very foolish, or not afraid of death, and of all that I've seen nobody has ever felt the ladder." She says slowly backing away to the patio. All the while having her gun pointed straight at you. She fires a venom mine out of her wristband, at the entrance to the patio, presumably to keep you away, or maybe a show that she is not afraid to kill.
"Go, I have hunting to do" she says, turns towards the west and starts setting up. You see the Widow's Kiss (her gun) elongate from assault mode to sniper mode.
"Do you need help?" You question her.
"Non, go! I do not need my concentration stained!" She says and moves her fingers in a 'go' gesture. You take out your phone and quietly snap a picture, then settle down to watch her. After you hear her talk into her comm, measure the wind, and pull down her infra sight visor. You hear the shot ring out. She talks into her comm.
"Is the VIP confirmed KIA?" Silence. Then she nods. The rifle transforms back into assault mode, while she walks towards the venom mine, looks at you and says.
"Aren't you scared? Why have you not run or beg for your life? Do you have a death wish? Or do you find it amusing that I kill?" She asks. Picking up the venom mine.
"Because well, I have feelings towards you" You say hesitantly. She steps back.
"You truly have a death wish, garçon insensé" she turns and jumps off the ledge. You run over to see her nowhere. You go back inside, try to hold true to your normal routine but, as you lay in bed hours after you normally fall asleep thinking of her, you know your life has changed. For better or for worse. Weeks go by as you think of her, you made that photo you took, of her that night, your background. You head back up to the patio, fully finished now, and look at the spot she crouched down and took the shot at. Looking at the purple W you painted there so you would never forget, but frankly how could you? She was in your mind 24/7. But you hear something and turn around, it's a branch from the tree hanging over the patio. So reluctantly you turn around and see the view, the view of the purple woman, standing there just as stunning as you remember. Holding her gun at your chest.
"So we meet again with a gun at my chest" you say slightly chuckling.
"Oui I feel things, things I have only felt when I was Amíle, and I think I feel these... things towards you, so I have come to kill you" she says blandly.
"Why?" You say keeping yourself calm.
"Talon has done a checkup on me, and I'm not performing at 100% efficiency, I, I can't look down this scope without thinking of our conversation" she turns away.
There is a pause, you think if you want to die, you would want to be killed by this woman. She looks back towards you.
"Any last words?" She asks, but, wait was that... in her voice, was that sadness? You barely pick up a pinch of it in her cold accent.
"May I have a last wish?" You almost beg but are managing to stay calm in front of this powerful assassin.
"Well, I suppose so, yes" she answers.
"A kiss that is what I wish for... a kiss from you." You say.
"Well, seeing as I'm about to take your life, I suppose..." she says. There is a pause, then you gently push the gun down and lean in. Your lips touch hers, she seems reluctant then gives in and you both kiss meaningfully. Her lips, they are cold, but start to warm as you two touch. But as soon as it started it's over.
"I-l enjoyed that more than I thought" she said. She leaned in again, and the last thing you felt were her lips against yours...


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